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Captain Cook East Coast, Australia. Heritage Editions map (c1770).

Captain Cook East Coast, Australia. Heritage Editions map (c1770).

by Cook, Captain James

A Chart of New South Wales or the East Coast of New Holland Discovered and Explored by Lieutenant J. Cook Commander of His Majesty’s Bark Endeavour in 1770. 

Print from a Limited Edition (of 750) reproduced from an original copperplate-engraved map by Benard in 1773, recording Cook’s navigational records from his charting of the east coast of the "great south land" (Australia) during his first voyage between 1768 and 1771, when Cook became the first explorer to chart the east coast of Australia, and claimed it for Britain, naming it New South Wales.

From their discoveries along the north and west coasts of New Holland (as they named Australia), the Dutch declared the country to be barren. Cook navigated the whole length of Australia’s fertile east coast, except for the sections where he had difficulty negotiating the Great Barrier Reef. He recommended British settlement, and the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay eighteen years later.

This chart, one of the most important relating to the discovery and settlement of Australia, shows the extraordinary navigational skill and superb cartographical records of James Cook who was then still only a Lieutenant. As a testament to Cook’s meticulous attention to detail, Cook’s charts were used for over 100 years to navigate along the east coast of Australia.

This map is in black and white, as original published. We also offer the map with coastline hand-tinted with watercolour (previous listing). Approximate Size: 855 x 425mm (33.5/8 x 16.3/4 inches), Image Size: 795 x 365mm (31.1/4 x 14.3/8 inches)

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