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Start of the Royal Mail from Lombard Street Post Office.

Start of the Royal Mail from Lombard Street Post Office.

by Jones, S.J.E.

Royal Mail Coach at Lombard Street Post Office, London Terminus. Reproduced from a drawing by S.J.E. Jones, engraved by Charles Hunt and published by George Hunt in 1827.

Just before 8 pm, lit by gaslights, the Mail prepares to leave. The huge coachman wears his heavy topcoat, and considers buying an orange from the top-hatted vendor, before resuming his great responsibility. The last letter-bag is carried from the office by a uniformed guard. A stern father farewells his ward who will be a passenger, and a servant checks the straps round a bedding roll.

From 1784, Mail Coaches to Bristol covered the 116 miles in 14 hours – until the narrow thoroughfare of Lombard Street could no longer handle the number of coaches leaving each night for destinations all over the country, and in 1829 the London terminus became the enormous New General Post Office in St Martin’s-le-Grand.

Vintage coaching print with slight age-discolouration and foxing. 51 x 38cm (20 x 15 inches). Image approx. 312 x 398mm (12 1/4 x 15 5/2 inches).

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