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Australian Wattle print. Acacia crassa by Dorothy Gordon.

Australian Wattle print. Acacia crassa by Dorothy Gordon.

by Gordon, Dorothy

Print from Dorothy Gordon watercolour of Australian flora at Myall Park Botanic Garden at Glenmorgan on the Darling Downs.

David Gordon (1899-2001), was awarded the Order of Australia in 1987 for services to horticulture and conservation. From 20 hectares adjacent to their home and sheep property in 1941, Dave Gordon grew native plants collected from around Australia. 132 hectares was fenced to keep out sheep, cattle and horses, and an extensive (and at that time, novel) watering system was developed.

In the 1960s David Gordon planted a group of grevilleas together and named their natural hybrids after his daughters. These include the best known and much-awarded Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ with large red flowers for most of the year, ‘Sandra Gordon’ with large orange-gold flowers, and Merinda Gordon with holly-like leaves and delicate red flowers. In 2006 a chance seedling was named 'Dorothy Gordon' - with prolific pink-tipped mauve flowers and soft leaves with bronze new growth.

After devoting 50 years to the preservation and propagation of Australia’s wonderful native flora, David invited family and friends to establish a committee to guarantee the future of his project. Myall Park Botanic Garden was recognized in 1984: 90 hectares planted with thousands of native shrubs and trees, seeds, a herbarium of over 7,000 pressed plant specimens with comprehensive records, and David Gordon’s important botanical library. In the art gallery are 48 of the lovely watercolours of Australian flowers by his wife, Dorothy Gordon (1930-1985).

This lovely print is 30 x 21cm (11.75 x 8.25 inches). Measurement to edge of image line is 25 x 17cm (9.75 x 6.75 inches)

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