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Chalees Satoon, Fort of Allahabad, River Jumna print.

Chalees Satoon, Fort of Allahabad, River Jumna print.

by Thomas Daniell

The Chalees Satoon in the Fort of Allahabad on the River Jumna large colour-printed reproduction print, from the original aquatint drawn and engraved July 1795 by Thomas Daniell R.A. (1749-1840) for the first series of Oriental Scenery published by Robert Bowyer (1758-1834). 

Oriental Scenery was the name of the publication that contained 24 views of Hindoostan Drawn And Engraved by Thomas Daniell, And With Permission Respectfully Dedicated to the Honourable Court of Directors of the East India Company in London. March 1. 1795 (- May 1807.) 1, 1803. This is a fine reproduction and is numbered VI (6) in the series printed by Dibujo Geler, Gvarro (stamped impression).. and is similar in quality to the previous prints.

Paper size is 57 x 73cm (22.5 x 28.759 inches). The total printed image measures 50.5 x 65cm (19.7/8 x 65 inches).

Unfortunately the base of this print has been damaged. The tear has been inexpertly repaired, but the image is intact to the upper edge of the border at the base. To mask this repair, the vertical window for framing would be 47cm, so window would be 47 x 65cm (18.5 x 65cm). The price has been reduced in recognition of this. If you would like a picture of the damaged section please email us at

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