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Great Books and Book Collectors. Alan G. Thomas

Great Books and Book Collectors. Alan G. Thomas

by Thomas, Alan. G.

Book on Books, Development of Book Publishing, Book Collecting, the Greatest Books.
Great Books & Book Collectors. Alan G. Thomas.
Published by Chancellor Press, London. 1975.  ISBN 0 907486 13 4.  320 x 243 x 30 (1.1/2 x 9.1/2 x 1 inch)
Dust Jacket and external edge of pages very slightly discoloured; otherwise, as new.

A bookseller tells the story of some of the world's greatest books, and their importance as landmarks in the history of mankind. Thomas discusses the progress of the printed word and illustration: Manuscripts; Early Printing; Bookbinding; the evolution from illustrated Herbals of the 15th century to the grand colour plate flower books of the late 19th century; Books on Architecture; The New World; Private Press Books; First Editions, Fakes and Forgeries; and Great Book Collectors.

A really interesting read for someone who knows nothing about books, does not read much.. or for someone who thinks he or she knows everything!

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