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"A Flannelled Fighter", The Hon. Frank Stanley Jackson caricature c1902.

by Leslie Ward (Spy)

Vanity Fair cricket caricature, Men of the Day. No. 848, of The Honourable Frank Stanley Jackson, B.A. The accompanying text said "He is a nice young fellow of two-and-thirty..." " is as a cricketer that he has done most for his country. He was first chosen to play for England against Australia in 1893, and he has played in each home match against them since: being, indeed, so capable a player of the game that most people were grieved (and some aggrieved) when, on W.G. Grace's retirement from big matches, he was not called upon to captain the English Eleven."

Chromolithograph c1902 after a caricature by ‘Spy’ Leslile Ward (1851-1922) for Vanity Fair, a weekly magazine of social comment, published in London from 1868 to 1914. With eight to ten pages each issue, it included a caricature of a newsworthy personage. Over the years of publication it became a mark of honour to be the 'victim' of one of the magazine's caricaturists. The publisher, Thomas Gibson Bowles (who was also the editor and major contributing journalist) accompanied each caricature lithograph with a witty text, written under one of his pseudonyms 'Jehu Junior' (after the biblical prophet who effected the downfall of his enemies). Printed by the eminent lithographer, Vincent Brooks (1814-1885), it was the first time lithography had been used for caricatures.

Vanity Fair pages varied slightly in size between editions. This page is 380 x 260mm (15.3/4 x 10.5/8 inches). Image measures 320 x 190mm (12.1/2 x 7.1/2 inches) 

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