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Tallis engraving of William Pitt the Younger. Tallis, c1855.

Tallis engraving of William Pitt the Younger. Tallis, c1855.

by Tallis & Company, John

William Pitt the Younger (1759-1806) became the youngest Prime Minister in 1783 at the age of 24, and was Prime Minister until 1801. He became Prime Minister again from 1804 until 1806.

While Pitt was Prime Minister, the India Act of 1784 was passed in parliament. This established superintendence and control over all the British territorial possessions in the East Indies and control over the affairs of the East India Company. While Pitt was Prime Minister the Act of Union 1800 was also passed - uniting the Kingdom of Great Britain with the Kingdom of Ireland to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Original fine steel engraving with elaborate engraved borders, engraved by P. Lightfoot from the original painted by Hoppner in the collection of the Right Honourable Lord Carrington. Published circa 1855 by John Tallis & Company, London & New York, with later fine hand-colour.

Page measures 27 x 18cm (10.5 x 7 inches). Engraved portrait within the decorative border is 125 x 100mm (5 x 4 inches). The paper is waterstained both at the top and bottom of this page, but this would not show if framed.

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