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Australian Aborigine. Nouvelle-Hollande. Gnoung-a-Gnoung-a, Mour-re-Mour-ga. Baudin c1807

Australian Aborigine. Nouvelle-Hollande. Gnoung-a-Gnoung-a, Mour-re-Mour-ga. Baudin c1807


by Baudin - Peron

Australian aborigine given name by David Collins, Secretary to the Colony. In 1788, David Collins who was previously a Royal Navy Captain, was appointed by Governor Phillip as Secretary to the Governor, and became the new colony's first Judge Advocate. In 1803 Collins established the first settlement at Port Phillip which he was dissatisfied with, and after approval by Governor King, established the first colony on the Derwent River in 1804 (at Hobart).

As noted by Captain Cook in his journal "... their features were far from being disagreeable. ... Most of them had their hair and beards smeared with a red ointment, and some also had their faces painted with the same composition."

Beautiful mezzotint with contemporary (original) colour, engraved by B. Roger after the painting by Nicolas-Martin Petit (1777-1805) (classically-trained by Jacques-Louis David) for the 1800 to 1804 Voyage de decouvertes aux terres australes (Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands) by Captain Nicolas Baudin.

Baudin died on the return voyage to France in 1803. Peron prepared the journals of maps and historical views for publication. It was one of the finest publications ever issued on early Australia. The detailed illustrations were produced by artist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur (1778-1846) (who assumed duties as naturalist after the death of expedition zoologist René Maugé) and Nicolas-Martin Petit official artists on the voyage, printed by Langlois and published by J. Hilbert in 1807.

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