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Landing of the French Infantry at Gallipoli c1854.

Landing of the French Infantry at Gallipoli c1854.

by The Illustrated London News

Antique print of the Gallipoli Landing by French troops in 1854.

This wonderful woodcut was published in The Illustrated London News in 1854, with later hand-colour highlighting the spectacle of the troops landing,. 

Herbert Ingram was a young printer and newsagent. Having noticed that newspaper sales increased when they included illustrations, Ingram moved from Nottingham to London and set up The Illustrated London News in 1842 with his friend Mark Lemon, the editor of Punch magazine, as his chief adviser. Without doubt, the editions that were most popular included news and illustrations of wars that affected the British.

From the time of publication these illustrations have been cut out and coloured for further appreciation. The Illustrated London News pages measured around 40 x 27cm (15 3/4 x 10 5/8 inches). This engraving measures 23.5 x 35.5cm (9 1/4 x 14 inches)

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