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Black Sea antique map. Crimea. Ottoman Empire. Tallis map

Black Sea antique map. Crimea. Ottoman Empire. Tallis map

by London Printing & Publishing Company

Fine antique map of the Black Sea region, with finely engraved vignettes of Sebastopol, Khmielnik, Odessa, Sinope, Constantinople, and Silistria. As published in 1854, with regions lightly outlined in coloured pen and with a very pale blue wash along the shore of the Black Sea. This lovely map was drawn and engraved by John Rapkin with illustrations drawn and engraved by Henry Winkles. Published by London Printing and Publishing Company.  

In 1853 the partnership of John Tallis and Ephraim Tipton Brain formed The London Printing and Publishing Company. John Tallis was the driving force behind the Tallis publishing company, but John Rapkin was largely responsible for the reputation Tallis acquired for publishing accurate, finely engraved decorative maps. Tallis maps are easily recognized by their steel engraved vignettes of important subjects in the region, and elegantly drawn and engraved borders. Specialist map illustrators drew the illustrations, and then engraved a steel plate, in reverse from a mirror image. This fine engraving required skill and time. Unfortunately it was also expensive. In 1865 Tallis was among the last of the publishers of beautifully decorated maps and prints.

This map is in fine condition with very slight age discolouration. It has wide margins all round and a central horizontal fold to fit a publication half its size. Size, 273 x 350mm (10 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches).

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