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Trajan's Column, Rome. 17thC Bartoli antique print.

Trajan's Column, Rome. 17thC Bartoli antique print.

by Bartoli, Pietro Santi

Fine 17th century antique print of Trajan's Column in Rome.

Plate 84 of the continuous classical relief sculpture (one of the greatest ever carved), narrating the victorious campaigns led by Marcus Ulpius Trajanus (52-117AD), who became Roman Emperor in 98AD. In 104AD Trajan's Roman troups defeated the Dacians. The battles were illustrated by the continuous carved relief that can still be seen on Trajan's Column in Rome. A sculture of Emperor Trajanus was mounted on top, but this was destroyed in the Middle Ages and was later replaced by a statue of St Peter.

Original (hand-coloured) copperplate engraving c1763 by Roman artist-engraver Pietro Santi Bartoli (1635-1700), who studied painting in Paris with eminent artists Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) and Pierre Lemaire (1612-1688). Bartoli aspired to the essence of Raphael’s superb classical frescoes at the Vatican.

The fabulous hand-colour was done at a later date.
Size of each thick sheet of hand-laid paper: 255 x 430mm (10 x 17 inches)

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