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Shell of Pearly Nautilus and Shell of Argonaut c1856.

Shell of Pearly Nautilus and Shell of Argonaut c1856.

by Sarah Josepha Hale

"Shells for Ladies, and Where They Come From". This page is a wonderful introduction to understanding shells. "Shells are frequently regarded as attractive objects, but they are worthy of far more attention than they usually receive." aptly described in the Lady's Book. The reverse side of the page has the illustrations of Shell of Pearly Nautilus and Shell of Argonaut, finely engraved for publication in Philadelphia in October1856 (later hand-colour).

In 1830 Louis Antoine Godey (1804-1878) commenced publication of the well-illustrated small magazine called Lady’s Book. In 1836 Godey purchased the Boston-based American Ladies’ Magazine which he merged with his own publication. Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879) became the new editor. In 1846 she wrote “The time of action is now. We have to sow the fields – the harvest is sure. The greatest triumph of this progression is redeeming woman from her inferior position and placing her side by side with man, a help-mate for him in all his pursuits.” She became one of the most important editors of her time. The magazine acquired a pre-Civil War circulation of 150,000. Godey and Hale produced a magazine that is considered one of the most important resources of 19th century American life and culture.

Printed on fine paper, the page measures 23.5 x 14cm (9.25 x 5.5 inches) 



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