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Beeverell antique print of London Guildhall (Trades Hall) c1727

Beeverell antique print of London Guildhall (Trades Hall) c1727


by Beeverell, James

Beeverell engraving Vue du Guildhall du Cote du Midi (View of Guildhall Interior Courtyard) with people in contemporary dress of the early 18th century. Elegantly designed grand architecture for the powerhouse where the Lord Mayor of London met with the ruling merchant class and fine-tuned the laws of the land..

Original fine copperplate-engraved view of a grand English country estate for Les Delices de la Grand Bretagne et de l'Irlande, Ouvrage tres utile et tres curieux which translates roughly as "Estates of Great Britain and Ireland, Useful and Curious Works". This exquisite little engraving (with later fine hand-tinting with watercolour) is printed on watermarked paper with two vertical fold marks, for a pocket edition by James Beeverell published in 1727 by prominent mapmaker of Leyden, Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733), reducing the grand views of eminent topographical draughtsman Johannes Kip (1653-1722) for “Britannia Illustrata, ... Nobility or Gentry of Great Britain”, published in London circa 1708.

Engraved Plate size 13cm x 16cm (5" x 6.5"). Page size 6" x 8".

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