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Peasants near Neushol, Hungary. Catterson Smith lithograph after Hering.

Peasants near Neushol, Hungary. Catterson Smith lithograph after Hering.

by Hering, George Edwards

Peasants, Near Neushol by Catterson Smith from a sketch by George Hering.

Rare original hand-coloured lilthograph by English portraitist Stephen Catterson-Smith, senior, (1806-1872), after a sketch by English artist George Edwards Hering (1805-1879), for John Paget's Sketches on the Danube in Hungary and Transylvania, published in London circa1838 by Hering.

Around the age of 16 Catterson Smith moved to London and was admitted to the schools of the Royal Academy. He also studied in paris. He distinguished himself by his skill in portraiture, and exhibited at the Royal Academy c1838, after which he received commissions to paint portraits in Ireland. He settled in Dublin, became the leading portrait painter of his time, painted most of the important personages of Ireland, and for over thirty years held the position of Portrait painter to the Lord Lieutenant.
Born in London, Hering's father belonged to the von Heringen baronial family. Having moved to London he worked as a bookbinder, but died while George was quite young. George began work as a bank clerk but preferred painting. He studied in the art school at Munich, spent two years living in Italy and travelled through Hungary and Transilvania with English doctor John Paget, whose account of this trip was illustrated by Hering. Hering exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1853 and 1858.

Measurement, approximately 290 x 390mm ( 11.5 x 15.25 inches).


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