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Tahiti. Portrait of Potatow. Portrait of Omai. Cook c1780

Tahiti. Portrait of Potatow. Portrait of Omai. Cook c1780

by Cook, Captain James


Strongly carved Antique Print. Portrait of POTATOW. Portrait of OMAI.

Perhaps this is a portrait of New Zealand's Potatau te Wherowhero, the first Maori King who was one of the earliest influential figures in the structure and management of self-rule for Maoris tribes in New Zealand. In any case, it is a wonderful original copperplate engraving for Hawkesworth’s “Complete History of Captain Cook's First, Second and Third Voyages” published in London circa 1784 by Alexander Hogg. This marvellous work on the voyages of James Cook, included some of the first views of the Pacific Islands' indigenous people, artifacts and views. 

Page measures 235 x 380mm (9 x 15 inches). There is slight damage to the extremities of the page, with small remnants of early cellotape repairs and reinforcement. Otherwise this wonderful engraving is in good condition with borders as published.


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