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Fiji. King Thackembau of the Feejee Islands. Engraving c1869

Fiji. King Thackembau of the Feejee Islands. Engraving c1869

by The Illustrated London News

Antique engraved portrait of King Thackembau, Monarch of the Feejee Islands with accompanying fascinating text.. "The Feejee, Fiji, or Viti group of islands (so variously is their name written) form a distinct section of the Friendly Islands.. nearly two hundred islands, but only sixty are inhabited, the whole population being not much above 100,000. The most important islands are Kantaou, Ovolau, Ambau, and Muthuata.." Information about the attacks by natives on the European settlers being followed by "a petition to Maafu, the Tongan chief, calling him to their aid, as the Feejeean authorities are powerless to defend them against such outrages."

Original antique engraved page from The Illustrated London News published on April 24, 1869.

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS was the world's first graphic newspaper. Set up in 1842 by Herbert Ingram (who was succeeded by members of his family). From the time of the newspaper's inception, illustrated news became increasinglypopular, selling hundreds of thousands of copies each edition (in particularwith news of any wars around the world). Engraved illustrations were the maindrawcard. These were avidly collected, and often clipped out and coloured forfurther enjoyment. With the increasing use of photography, circulation droppedin the 1920s and 1930s. The Illustrated London News was published weekly until1971 when it was issued monthly, and then two-monthly from 1989 until 1994. Itwas then published only twice a year until 2003 when production ceased.

This is a half-page, measuring 21 x 28cm (8.25 x 11 inches).

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