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China. Tseih Sing Yen. 7-Star Mountains. Antique print c1845

China. Tseih Sing Yen. 7-Star Mountains. Antique print c1845

by Allom, Thomas

Finely engraved, hand-coloured antique print. Seven Star Mountains on Li River near Guilin.

Original steel engraving by T.A. Prior after Thomas Allom (1804-1872). Published in London between 1843 and 1847 (with later fine hand-colour) for China & the Chinese Illustrated. A series of views, from original sketches, displaying the scenery, architecture, social habits, etc., of this ancient and exclusive empire. by Thomas Allom Esquire, revealing to the West the unusual landscapes, elaborate social customs, unfamiliar religious customs and beliefs, strange occupations and pastimes, and fascinating religious inventions, in China at the time of the declaration of peace at Nanking in 1842, at the end of the first Opium Wars between Britain and China.

Half-framed, mounted between antique white high-quality conservation ragmat board and covered with cellophane for presentation and protection until framed. External size for frame window is 30 x 36cm (or smaller). Image 125mm x 190mm (5 inches x 7.1/2 inches) Page size 220mm x 285mm (8.1/2 inches x 11.1/4 inches)

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