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Buddhist Altar-piece,

Buddhist Altar-piece, "Yun Stzoo Stzee" Temple, Ting-hai. Allom c1845.

by Allom, Thomas

Buddhist Temple at Dinghai Zhoushan in China, where Eo is the presiding deity over a vast assembly of idols and curiosities, with "massive carved woodwork intermixed with stucco, gaudily coloured and profusely gilt.. A large platform or table in front is covered with little images of various shapes, and with pastiles and perfumes, and joss-sticks, the accompaniments of every altar of Bhuddism. It is immediately in front of this high altar that devotees beat their foreheads against the pavement, to the measured tones of a monstrous drum, the loud vibrations of a huge gong, or the dulcet sounds of a great silver bell.

No temple in China is more celebrated for its wealth or magnitude, more admired for the legance of its architecture, or more frequented.." It is the greatest temple in all China., yet "leave to visit this noble temple has always been granted to Barbarians". Mandarins and foreigners presented objects of rarity, so that this is now one of the most complete cabinets in the empire.

Finely detailed engraving of Chinese at prayer by W. Wetherhead, after a drawing by Thomas Allom, "From a drawing on the spot by R. Vareham, Esquire, published between 1845 and 1847 for "China, in a Series of Views, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture, and Social Habits, of That Ancient Empire. Drawn, from Original and Authentic Sketches, by Thomas Allom, Esq.

This engraving has fine later hand-colour. The image measures 185 x 130mm (7 1/4 x 5 1/8 inches).  Page size is 220mm x 285mm (8.1/2 inches x 11.1/4 inches)

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