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Norfolk Island antique print. Historic Visit engraving c1881.

Norfolk Island antique print. Historic Visit engraving c1881.

by The Graphic

Antique print of A Visit to Norfolk Island published in London on October 15, 1881 (with later hand-colour).

Residents On the March to the Mission, Kingston, or "Old Convict Town", Consecration of St. Barnabas Church, A Group of Natives, The Old Commisariat Store, Painting the Lily, St Barnabas Church, The Melanesian Mission Boat "Southern Cross".
"Painting the lily" or "gilding the lily" was much to the amusement of his friends..

This is a fine double page engraving, in excellent condition. It was published in London in The Graphic illustrated weekly newspaper. The Graphic began production on 4th December 1869 (the birthday of its founder William Luson Thomas (1830-1900). During the 1850s and 1860s Thomas and his brother George were employed as draughtsmen and engravers with The Illustrated London News. After George died in 1868 William wished to compile a memorial work using woodblocks that his brother had made for The Illustrated London News. The Illustrated London News company would not lend the woodblocks from his brother's illustrations, so William set up a rival publication. He employed many talented artists and engravers and the illustrations were of the highest standard of any newspaper; but as illustrations were produced by more modern processes including photography, they deteriorated considerably. The Graphic ceased publication in 1923.

Double Page size is 405 x 560 mm (16 x 22 inches).

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