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Lachlan River Flood. Rabbit-destroying Expedition - Flood in Camp c1886

Lachlan River Flood. Rabbit-destroying Expedition - Flood in Camp c1886


by The Graphic

A rabbit-destroying expedition on the Lachlan River in Australia - a flood in camp.
Antique print of a flood on the Lachlan River in the northern rivers district of New South Wales.
All Australians will be able to relate to the incidents shown. The sketches would have been sent to London from Australia, to be engraved for publication.

An amusing group of engraved images published for The Graphic in London on September 18, 1886. The first indicates there've been days of rain: "..Drying Day" shows men around a table, playing cards at a well set-up camp. The next showing a sleepy  fellow sitting up in bed in his tent, holding a match to look over his trunk, boots and hat, floating around him "Lively; Very". Other engravings show men loading their belongings onto a horse-drawn carriage, and leading their horses with dog on top, with captions "The Blessed Old Lake is Rising" and "Seeking Higher Ground". The last shows a snake on a boot above a frog who utters "Noli me tangere" (Touch me not).

The Graphic periodical was an illustrated weekly newspaper that began production in London in 1869. The wood engraved illustrations were of the highest standard of any newspaper.

This illustrated page has wide borders and measures 405 x 295mm (16 x 11.5 inches).

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