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Australian Goldfields "Wayfaring Diggers" Samuel Thomas Gill lithograph c1853


by Gill, Samuel Thomas

ST Gill lithograph of 'Wayfarers' with swags, and billy on the fire. Typical Australian scene of campers.

Original hand-coloured lithograph by Samuel Thomas (S.T.) Gill (1818-1880) from his own sketch for the most important illustrated work on the Victoria Gold Diggings and Gold Diggers.

This lithograph was published circa 1853 by Macartney & Galbraith, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne. Gill’s superb drawings depict life during the Gold Era, making much of the two extremes of those who struck it rich and those who didn’t.

Australia, the lucky country! 'Wayfarer' could describe almost any of the thousands of  people who went on foot to the goldfields, in the hope of making their fortune. As with the Californian goldrush, they came by ship from all around the world. Many stayed, and these "diggers" of all calibre added to the colourful characters that have moulded our population.

Page size 22cm x 16cm (8.5" x 6.25")

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