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Australian Goldfields

Australian Goldfields "Shall We Go, or Shall We Not?" Sherer after ST Gill c1853.


by Sherer, John

Australian goldrush antique print "Shall We Go, or Shall We Not?".."They had come from Liverpool, and having been seized with the general infection, had deserted their ships to pay a visit to the diggings."
Original wood engraving by W.A. Nicholls 'from authentic sketches taken in the colony' (by S.T. Gill) for John Sherer’s “The Gold-Finder of Australia - How he went, How he fared, How he made his fortune” published in London circa 1853. London-based Sherer added a descriptive caption to each engraving of ST Gill's sketches of life in the Australian goldfields. 
Engraved page measures 22 x 13cm (8.5 x 5 inches). A group of these, framed on the wall, makes an interesting historical collection.

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