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Truganini. Last full-blooded Tasmanian aboriginal. Engraving c1886.

Truganini. Last full-blooded Tasmanian aboriginal. Engraving c1886.

Antique print of last female full-blooded Tasmanian aborigine. Engraved on wood by W.A. Hirschmann, for Picturesque Atlas of Australasia, published between 1886 and 1888 to commemorate 100 years since the arrival of the First Fleet and settlement by Europeans at Port Jackson in Sydney in 1788.  

Truganini was born in 1812 at Bruny Island off the east coast of Tasmania. She died on 8th May 1876, in Hobart, in the care of her guardians, the Dandridge family. Her nickname was Lalla(h) Rookh. While Truganini is the most accepted spelling of her name, Trugernanner, Trukanini, Trucanini are also used. Truganini was widely considered the last full-blooded female aboriginal Australian.

Truganini was the daughter of Mangerna (Mangana), who was leader of a band of the south-east tribe. When growing up she followed traditional aboriginal culture, but their lives were seriously disrupted by the European 'invasion'. Truganini's mother was killed by sailors, her uncle was shot by a soldier, her sister was abducted by sealers, and Paraweena, the man she was to marry, was murdered by timber-fellers. Instead she married Woorrady on Bruny Island at the mission of former bricklayer and builder, George Augustus Robinson (1791-1866) who was initially a storekeeper, but was later appointed protector of Aboriginals. Truganini and Woorady assisted Robinson in his efforts of conciliation with Tasmanian aborigines during his travels around Tasmania between 1830 and 1835. They acted as his guides and introduced him to the tribes' languages and customs. Following their arrival on Flinders Island Truganini clung to her traditional customs while European life was forced upon the settlement of aborigines. She was a small woman, strong-willed, gifted, and courageous. She faced many challenges as Europeans controlled the lives of the remaining aborigines in Australia.

This hand-coloured original engraving is small (100mm x 80mm) mounted between 'antique white' conservation ragmat, (externally 220 x 200mm), and covered with cellophane for presentation and protective handling. 

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