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Patet. Australians of King George's Sound engraving c1842.

Patet. Australians of King George's Sound engraving c1842.

by Louis de Sainson

Western Australians of King Georges Sound antique print.

King George’s Sound aborigines from New Holland. Patêt Yalipouol (Patêt I) and his son Patêt Mokoré (Patêt II) were the first to come on board Dumont d'Urville's corvette Astrolabe when he landed at King George Sound in 1826.

Fine hand-coloured engraving by J. Bull, from the centerpiece of the lithograph c1833 by Joseph Maurin after the drawing by Louis de Sainson, official artist on D'Urville's Astrolabe. This wonderful engraving was published by Hyppolyte Bailliere c1842 for Prichard's Natural History of Man. James Cowles Prichard (1786-1848) collated previously published illustrations from voyages and expeditions around the world, to support his theory that all humans evolved from races that were originally dark-skinned.

Size 235 x 15mm. (Mounted in ‘antique white’ conservation rag mat and covered with cellophane for protection.)

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