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Christopher Columbus presenting Account of Discovery of America c1777.

Christopher Columbus presenting Account of Discovery of America c1777.

by Middleton, Charles Theodore

Antique print of Columbus and Queen of Spain. Columbus presenting an Account of his Discovery of AMERICA to the Queen of Spain.

Original copperplate engraving by Charles Grignion, Senior (1717-1810) after the drawing by historical painter and book illustrator, Samuel Wale (1714-1786). Engraved for Middleton’s Complete System of Geography; A new and complete system of geography: containing a full, accurate, authentic and interesting account and description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, as consisting of continents, islands, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, promontories, capes, bays, peninsulas, isthmusses, gulphs, &c. ... with their strange ceremonies, customs, amusements, &c. &c., an enormously informative work recording most of the important historic discoveries around the world. Published in London during 1777-1778 by Charles Theodore Middleton.

Wale was one of the original members of the Society of Artists of Great Britain in 1765, and of the Royal Academy in 1768, and was the first professor of perspective to the Academy. Wale suffered a paralytic stroke in 1778 and was placed on the Royal Academy pension fund (the first member to be thus awarded). He retained the professorship of perspective, but instead of lecturing he gave private instruction at his house (which he shared with fellow founder of the Royal Academy, architect John Gwynn). After the death of Richard Wilson in 1782 Wale became the Royal Academy librarian. He held both offices until his death.

Age-related wear and tear towards edges of page, which is to be expected of a work that is over 240 years old. This antique print has wide margins, as published, and has been finely tinted with watercolour at some time since publication. Page measures 9 x 14 inches (23 x 35.5 cm).. To border of image measures 7 3/8 x 9 3/8 inches (approx. 19 x 24cm)

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