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American Indian Weapons - War Shield, Tomahawks, Clubs, Bows c1882.

American Indian Weapons - War Shield, Tomahawks, Clubs, Bows c1882.

by Dodge, Richard Irving

Antique print of Indian Weapons – War Shield, Tomahawks, Clubs, Bows &c. (From Comanche, Sioux, Ute, Apache, Kiowa, and Bannock Tribes.)

1. Comanche Tomahawk. Ornamented with red flannel, scalp-locks, and feathers. 2. Ute Tomahawk Pipe. 3.4. Sioux War Clubs. 5.6.7.  Sioux Bows and Arrows. 8. Comanche War Shield. Ornamented with feathers, and the tail of a horse. This shield is proof against rifle bullets. 9. Bow-case and Quiver of the Bannock Indians. Made of very fine buckskin, and elaborately embroidered with beads. 10.11. Sioux War Clubs. 12. Tomahawk Pipe. Once belonging to Little Bear, a prominent chief of the Northern Apaches. 13. Kiiowa War Club. 14. Comanche Tomahawk Pipe.

Photographed and painted from the original objects expressly for this work. Plate V of Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three Years Personal Experience among the Red Men of the Great West – A Populat account of their social life, religion, habits, traits, customs, exploits, etc. with Thrilling Adventures and Experiences on the Great Plains and in the Mountains of our Wide Frontier by Colonel Richard Irving Dodge (1827-1918), United States Army. Aid-de-camp to General Sherman.

Small colour-printed lithograph published in 1883 by A.D. Worthington, Hartford, Connecticut.

Image, 19 x 11.5 cm  (7 ½ x 4 ½ inches). Page, 22 x 14 cm (8 ¾ x 5 5/8 inches)

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