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Le Retour des Autans. (Return of Southerly Winds) c1913.

Le Retour des Autans. (Return of Southerly Winds) c1913.

by Simeon, Fernand

Horse-riding in the Park. Southerly Winds Return. Fashion-plate c1914. Original fashion print for Gazette du Bon Ton.
Tailleur et Robe d'apres-midi de Doeuillet. (Stylish Tailored Coats and Dresses for afternoon, designed by Georges Doeuillet.)

Original hand-coloured pochoir by Fernand Simeon (1884-1928) for the Gazette du Bon Ton (Journal of Good Style), published in Paris in 1914 to illustrate the latest superior fashion worn in an appropriate situation.

Pochoir, the French word for stencil, was the labour-intensive method of illustration by cutting separate stencils for each successive application of watercolour. The finest illustrators of the day showed fashions by prominent French designers in Gazette du Bon Ton, published by Lucien Vogel in Paris between 1912 and 1925.

Size of page 24 x 19cm or 9.5 x 7.5 inches

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