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Perspective view of Raphael frescoes of Vatican Loggia c1802.

Perspective view of Raphael frescoes of Vatican Loggia c1802.

by Raphael Sanzio da Urbino

Beautiful Loggia decorated by Raphael Sanzi da Urbino between 1518 and 1519. This wonderful perspective view of the Loggia, looking towards the door to the Pope's private residence, is surmounted by a portrait of Raphael, held aloft by classical putti.

Superb original copperplate engraving, commmissioned by Pope Clement XIII to record the brilliant frescoes painted 250 years earlier by Raphael and his assistants, when Raphael completed the decoration of the private Vatican apartments for Pope Leo X. The pilasters and ceiling vaults and arches were published between 1772 and 1777 in Le Loggi di Rafaele nel Vaticano (The Loggia by Raphael at the Vatican) (hand-colour of a later date.) This superb plate was the frontispiece to the smaller edition of this grand work, Les Loges peintes a Rome au palais du Vatican, par Raphael Santi d’Urbino (The Loggia painted in Rome at the palace of the Vatican by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) which was published in Paris between 1787 and 1802 by Pierre-Philippe Choffard (1730-1809). (For the smaller edition, two sides of each pillar or pilaster were engraved together on one plate - as offered, below.)

This beautiful rare engraving encapsulates the grandeur of Raphael's exceptional frescos. Currently in a superbly embellished hand-finished gold frame.

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