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Pair of Vatican pilaster frescos by Raphael. Choffard c1800.

Pair of Vatican pilaster frescos by Raphael. Choffard c1800.

by Raphael Sanzio da Urbino

Raphael frescoes. Two fronts of Vatican Loggia Pilasters.

One engraving circa 1800 of a pair of Raphael pilaster frescos. Original antique copperplate engraving by draughtsman, artist, etcher and engraver Carlo Lasinio (1759-1838) of a pair of frescos from pilasters (pillars) in the Loggia at the Vatican, representing the superb wall decoration as devised by the celebrated Renaissance artist, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (1483-1520) for the private Loggia of the Vatican in Rome. This original antique print has been beautifully hand-coloured with gouache to recreate the brilliance of the depth of tone of Raphael's 16th century frescoes in the Loggia at the Vaticanl.

During 1518-1519, the last two years of his life, Raphael and his assistants painted his fantastical designs on the pilasters of the Loggia of the private residence at the Vatican. Logge del Vaticano (Loggi of the Vatican), published in Rome circa 1787 by Niccola de Antoni and in Paris circa 1802 by Pierre Choffard. Pairs of Pilasters were re-engraved, half the size of the grand single pilasters published in Rome c1772-1777 for Delle Loggie di Raffaello nel Vaticano (Of the Loggia by Raphael at the Vatican).
The camera does not do justice to this exquisitely engraved and hand-coloured engraving of Raphael's Vatican Loggia frescoes. This is one of a set of 6 beautiful engravings currently available from Antique Print Club. Size of folio sheet: 37 x 50cm (14.5 x 19 inches).

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