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Sevres Porcelain Jardiniere & Basket with Vases & Tray. Lithograph c1890

Sevres Porcelain Jardiniere & Basket with Vases & Tray. Lithograph c1890


by Garnier, Edouard

Antique print of Sevres porcelain. Lithograph of 3 Vases, Tray, Jardiniere & Basket - antique print

Original chromolithograph (many of which were heightened with gold) by Gillot, representing one of 250 watercolours of the finest examples of Sevres porcelain for Le Porcelaine Tendre de Sevres by Edouard Garnier, published in Paris circa 1891 by Maison Quantin. The richness of the finest of Sevres porcelain, with its exquisite luminosity, colour and gilding is well portrayed in these high quality original lithographs.

The Sevres factory was established in 1738 at the Chateau de Vincennes with local craftsmen from the nearby factory at Chantilly, to supply the wealthy and privileged of France under the patronage, and later the ownership, of Louis XV. Sevres porcelain was so loved by King Louis XV that when the company ran into financial difficulties he bought out the shareholders and became sole proprietor at his palace at Versailles. Sevres became known as the French porcelain of Royalty. 

To border line is 210 x 300mm (8.25 x 11.75 inches). Page size is 305 x 445mm (12 x 17.5 inches)

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