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Faience Porcelain Dragon Plat - Delaroque antique print

Faience Porcelain Dragon Plat - Delaroque antique print

by Delaroque/Ris-Paquot

Faience Porcelain Dragon Plate - Delaroque antique print c1870.

This beautiful original lithograph of a Faience porcelain plate with beautiful colour and a dragon theme, is by Ris-Paquot in Amiens, for "Histoire des Faiences de Rouen", published in Paris circa 1870 by Eugene Delaroque.

Faience porcelain was the first "soft" porcelain, created in Europe early in the 18th century by Louis Poterat, sieur de Saint-Etienne, a potter of Rouen in France. This beautiful soft coloured, warm milky white translucent earthenware, is traditionally decorated by foliated patterns and floral designs of typical French style, or ornamented by coloured designs in imitation of the old Chinese and Japanese porcelain.

Image size: 275 x 195 mm (11 x 7.75 inches").

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