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Blue & White Faience with Coat of Arms c1700. Lithograph c1870.

Blue & White Faience with Coat of Arms c1700. Lithograph c1870.

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by Delaroque/Ris-Paquot

Antique print of blue & white Faience Porcelain Platter with coat of arms. Beautiful original Faience lithograph c1870.

Blue and white porcelain plate with coat of arms, printed in colour by Ris-Paquot in Amiens, for "Histoire des Faiences de Rouen", a selection of the finest Faience porcelain, published in Paris circa 1870 by Eugene Delaroque. Faience porcelain from Rouen in France was the first soft porcelain created in Europe. Faience soft-coloured warm milky white translucent earthenware is traditionally decorated by foliated patterns and floral designs of typical French style, or ornamented by coloured designs in imitation of the old Chinese and Japanese porcelain. 

From the 17th century, Edmé Poterat (1612-1687) created pottery in Rouen. Blue Faience lambrequin embroidery decoration became famous. The earliest Faience decoration was very simple. Valance decoration, also used in Italy, had originated in China. Poterat's soft porcelain Faience with classic valance-style decoration in blue and white developed to even more beautiful soft red, blue and white colours (sometimes with yellow highlights).

Edmé's widow and son Michael took over the original factory, but Michael's brother Louis Poterat (1673-1696) created his own factory nearby. With Faience of Rouen the Poterat family invented bone china in France. 

Image size: 275mm x 195mm (11 x 7.75 inches)

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