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Germanicus engraved gemstone, magnified. Picart engraving c1725

Germanicus engraved gemstone, magnified. Picart engraving c1725


by Picart, Bernard

Picart engraving of carved gemstone with head study of GERMANICUS EPITYNCHANI, recorded in the Dactyliotheca Strozziana in Rome. (Germanicus Epitynchani was a general & provincial governor during the reign of Tiberius.)

Original copperplate engraving circa 1725 by Picart, from the (much-magnified) engraved gems, relief-carved with ancient Greek and Roman kings, gods, and mythology for ‘Priamus Aetionis Opus, Gemmae incisum In Pasta apud Philipp von Stosch’, illustrating the important private collection of seals, cameos, and ancient engraved stones and glass, of Baron Philipp von Stosch.

Bernard Picart was born in Paris  in 1673, and died in 1733 in Amsterdam. He was a superb draughtsman and engraver, taught by his father, engraver Etienne Picart. At the age of 16, Bernard won a prize at the Academy of Paris. Bernard Picart worked in Paris, Antwerp and Amsterdam, and developed a beautiful graphic style that combined both French and Dutch artistic influences. He became a Protestant convert, and was best known for his illustration of religious themes.

The later stunning hand-colour in gouache and watercolour sets off the subject matter beautifully. This beautiful work has full borders, as published. Page size is 250 x 395mm (10 x 15.5 inches) Plate mark, 19 x 28 cm (7.5 x 11 inches). 

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