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French antique engraving c1863. Door Overmantles

French antique engraving c1863. Door Overmantles

by De Vriese, Vredeman

Grand Overmantles for entry doors, embellished with carvings of putti and other classical subjects.

Original copperplate engraving of design by Dutch Renaissance painter, architect andengineer, JohannVredeman de Vriese (1527-1607) who towards the end of the sixteenth century was oneof the first to theorize on perspective architectural ornamentation of 16th, 17th and 18th century apartments in Paris. Reprinted by Charles Chardon, the Elder, and published by Georges Rapilly in Paris circa 1863.

Page size 44cm x 31cm (17.25 x 12.25 inches). Approximate measurement to intaglio impression 31cm x 24cm (12.1/4 x 9.1/2 inches). This image has later hand-colour, entirely in keeping with the style and period of the subject.

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