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French Private Hotel Fireplace with

French Private Hotel Fireplace with "R". Cesar Daly c1864

by Daly, Cesar

Elegant fireplace, with cherubs playing above the carved mantelpiece, wall panelling and pretty wall paper. "R" incorporated in the decorative fire cover below. (1 of 3 intricate fireplace designs for this residence)

Original steel engraving by Sauvageot of interior decor of a Private Hotel at No. 47 on the Rue de la Victoire, designed by French architect Ruprich-Robert. Publishedin Paris circa 1864 by Cesar Daly (1811-94) for L’Architecture Privéeau XIX siecle sous Napoleon - Nouvelles Maisons de Paris (PrivateArchitecture of 19th century under Napoleon - New Residences of Paris).

Page size is 305mm x 390mm (12 x 15.3/8 inches). The plate mark is almost to the full size of the page.

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