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Le Bain des Enfants. Young children's bath-time, c1920.

Le Bain des Enfants. Young children's bath-time, c1920.

by Gazette du Bon Ton

Delightful antique print of children at bath time. The little girl is finished. The little boy is about to start...

Original French stencil with contemporary colour. Published in Paris c1920.

"Oliver takes his bath. It is not a simple affair. This delicate operation involves the help of a number of people. By order of importance: firstly, the mother who, with her elbow, approves the temperature of the water before immersion of the child; the grand-mother in charge of keeping his head above the water so that water does not get into his ears; the aunt who holds the dressing gown. As for men, the grandfather, the uncle and the little cousin provide all services. Their function is to watch, and from time to time utter small cries of admiration. Sometimes they fetch another kettle of hot water, as demanded. During this time the principal of the drama curls up in the water, frowning. He is then encouraged to be happy - and proceeds to play with his little boat while he is sponged by his doting governess. 

This lovely little pochoir is mounted between 'antique white' ragmat conservation boards, and covered with cellophane for presentation and protection until it is framed. Window size is 10 x 16cm (approximately 4 x 6 1/4 inches). External size for frame window is 26 x 32cm (10 1/4 x 13 3/4 inches).


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