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2 Legs, 3 Legs, 4 Legs. Children's Rhyme c1910

2 Legs, 3 Legs, 4 Legs. Children's Rhyme c1910

by Unknown

Antique print, stimulating youthful minds. How Many Legs?

Two Legs sat upon Three Legs, with One Leg in his lap.
In comes Four Legs, and runs away with One Leg.
Up jumps Two Legs, Catches up Three Legs,
Throws it after Four Legs, and makes him bring it back.

Original colour-printed lithograph by L.L. Weedon for The Little People's Book of Fun, compiled by L.L. Weedon and Clifton Bingham, and published in London c.1910 by Ernest Nister in London.

German publisher, Ernest Nister, printed lithographic books, first in Germany and then in London from 1888. He specialized in high quality printing for children's books around the turn of the century.

This chromolithograph is matted in white mattboard with black bevel around the window, - covered with cellophane for presentation and protection, ready for framing. The image within the window is 19 x 16cm (7.5 x 6.25 inches). External size for frame window is 32 x 29cm (12.5 x 11.5 inches).

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