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Typical Butterflies. Pretty 19th century chromolithograph c1896.

Typical Butterflies. Pretty 19th century chromolithograph c1896.

by Lydekker, Richard

Antique print of pretty butterflies on grey background.

A. Orange Scallop Wing, Cethosia biblis (male). B. Royal Swallow Tail, Tinopalpus imperialis (male). C. Black-tipped Sulphur Dercas verhuelli. D. Swinhoe's Tortoiseshell, Junonia swinhoei. E. Common Blue, Lycoena alexis (male). F. Mango Admiral, Euthalia lubentina. G. Silver-studded Skipper, Hesperia comma. H. Sooty-veined Porcelain, Cyrestis thyodamas. I. Duke of Burgundy, Nemeobius lucina. J. Harris's Snowflake, Fuploea Harrisii (female). is printed at the base of the butterflies outlined on the accompanying tissue-guard.

Butterflies chromolithograph after the original drawn from nature for Edmund Brehm's Illustrirtes Tierleben (Illustratee Life of Animals) published in Leipzig between 1864 and 1869. This colour-printed lithograph was published in 1896 for Richard Lydekker's The royal Natural History published between 1894 and 1896 by Frederick Warne & Co. of London & New York.

Page 260 x 175mm (10.1/4 x 6.7/8 inches). Image size 215 x 135mm (8.1/2 x 5.1/4 inches)


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