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Copper Butterflies with Iris. Lovely antique butterflies lithograph c1849.

Copper Butterflies with Iris. Lovely antique butterflies lithograph c1849.

by Humphreys, H.N.

Antique print of Copper Butterflies with Yellow Iris.
Insects. 1.Chrysophanus dispar-m. (Large Copper Butterfly), 2.-f, 3.underside, 4. Common Copper Butterfly -f., 5.Caterpillar, 6.chrysalis.  
Plants. 7. Iris Pseud-acorus (Yellow Water Iris), 8.Rumex palustris (Marsh Dock).

Original hand-coloured lithograph by Henry Humphreys for John Westwood's British Butterflies and Their Transformations published in London c1849.

Henry Noel Humphreys (1810-1879), was an English artist and author. He spent years in Italy studying Greek and Roman coins, archaelogy, exquisite medieval manuscripts and the art of writing and printing - which he wrote about, and illustrated - including 14 beautiful colour-printed lithographs illustrating the techniques of illumination and its development through the Middle Ages. Humphreys' books on numismatics are very well regarded; and his representation of the lifecycle transformations of butterflies and moths with caterpillar, chrysalis and their host plants was commended by the Curators, and adopted at the British Museum. The exquisite medieval manuscripts he studied in Italy are surely reflected in his beautiful illustrations of nature.

The first published illustrations by H.N. Humphreys were for F.O. Westwood's British Butterflies and their Transformations in 1841. Humphreys wrote: “The study of natural history is the learning of the characters with which the wonderful story of nature is written.. cannot conceive a more pleasing and natural introduction to its general study than entomology, of which I think the division of Lepidoptera.. the most easy and attractive section.  H. N. Humphreys, Esq.

This beautiful lithograph is in fine condition and is mounted between antique-white ragmat conservation boards, and covered with cellophane for protection and presentation. Page size is 285 x 210mm (11.25 x 8.25 inches). External size for frame is 380 x 320mm (15 x 12.5 inches).

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