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Lizars, Lucanus & Chiasognathus Insects engraving c1835

Lizars, Lucanus & Chiasognathus Insects engraving c1835

by Lizars, William Home

Lizars Chiasognathus Chiloensis and Lucanus Cervus antique print.

Original hand-coloured steel engraving c1835 by Edinburgh engraver William Home Lizars (1788-1859) for a series on Lepidoptera for Sir William Jardine's enormous set of small natural history publications, called collectively The Naturalist's Library published in Edinburgh and London.

W.H. Lizars mastered exceptional detail in his very finely engraved small insect portraits. By leaving the background habitat uncoloured, the butterflies stand out beautifully on the page.

Size of engraving is 18 x 10cm (7 x 4 inches). The page has slight age-discolouration, and has slight damage at right side.

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