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George Shaw Chermes engraving c1805. Hemiptera, Aphids engravings.

George Shaw Chermes engraving c1805. Hemiptera, Aphids engravings.

by Shaw, George

Wonderful hand-coloured engraving of Aphids, Chermes Pyri and Chermes Buxi, c1805.

Original engraving circa 1805 by Moses Griffiths for General Zoology, or, Systematic Natural History, by George Shaw, M.D.F.R.S.&c. with Plates from the first Authorities and most select specimens Engraved by Mr. Heath and Moses Griffiths. Printed for G. Kearsley, Fleet Street, London.

After graduating from Oxford University in 1772, George Shaw (1751-1813) began working in the medical profession, but changed careers in 1786 when he became assistant lecturer in Botany at Oxford. He was a co-founder of the Linnean Society in 1788 and became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1789. Shaw was appointed assistant-keeper of the zoological department of the British Museum in 1791. He apparently resorted to writing to supplement his low income - a great benefit to the world hundreds of years later.

This Plate has foxing, and soiling particulartly to the upper edge of the page. Page measures 220 x 135mm (8.5/8 x 7 inches).

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