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Erica Neillii Neil's Erica. Heath botanical by Paxton c1860

Erica Neillii Neil's Erica. Heath botanical by Paxton c1860

by Paxton, Joseph

This species was taken to England from New Holland (Australia) in 1803, but had been "nearly quite lost since that time.."

Original lithograph by Samuel Holden, published in London circa 1846 by Sir Joseph Paxton for "Paxton's Magazine of Botany & Flowering Plants".

Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865) was a hugely talented man. Starting as a gardener at 15 years of age, with no formal education, his skill and enthusiasm were rewarded by promotion at the age of 23 to Head Gardener on the Duke of Devonshire’s Chatsworth estate, one of England’s finest gardens. Although considered a landscape gardener, Paxton’s diverse talents gained him a reputation as both architect and engineer, particularly for his design of glasshouses. His design for the glass house conservatory at Chatsworth served as a model for Paxton’s design of the Crystal Palace for the London Exhibition of 1851 (for which he received his knighthood). Apparently Paxton drew the intricate design for this building in under
nine days - on blotting paper!

Size of page 230mm x150mm ( 9" x 6"). 

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