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Rare early Lemon antique print, Cedro Grosso Bondolotto, c1714

Rare early Lemon antique print, Cedro Grosso Bondolotto, c1714

by Volckamer, Johann Christoph

Spectacularly illustrated large citrus fruit, floating above Nuremberg.

Rare original copperplate engraving of a Grand Lemon for Nurnbergische Hesperides... published in Nuremberg between 1708 and 1714 by J. A. Endter Sohn und Erben (J.A. Endter Son and Heir) for wealthy silk merchant Johann Christoph Volckamer (1644-1720). Ribbons carry the name of the fruit, floating above estates in Germany, Austria and northern Italy – including Volckamer’s garden, Gostenhof. Aristocracy grew plants native to warmer climates, and moved them into large greenhouses for shelter during winter.

With his stunning fruit illustrations, Volckamer gave hommage to Giovanni Battista Ferrari's Hesperides, the first book to illustrate only citrus fruit. Volckamer's imaginative presentation of each fruit floating above a landscape with a village or estate adds another dimension to this series of rare interesting engravings from the beginning of the 18th century. On hand-made paper of the period, this series of Volckamer Citrus antique prints have the finest hand-colour we've seen. 

To platemark measures 32 x 21cm (12.5 x 8.25 inches). Page size: 355 x 230mm (14 x 9 inches).

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