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Caffrarian Encephalartus, or Caffer-Bread, Cycad antique print c1856.

Caffrarian Encephalartus, or Caffer-Bread, Cycad antique print c1856.


by Fitch, Walter Hood

Original hand-coloured lithograph of grand South African Cycad c1856.

Drawn and lithographed by Walter Hood Fitch (1817-1892) for Curtis's Botanical Magazine, comprising the Plants of the Royal Garden of Kew and of other botanical establishments in Great Britain, by the Director of the Royal Gardens of Kew, Sir William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865).

In 1787, Praefectus Hortus (horticultural director) of Chelsea Physic Garden in London, William Curtis (1746-1799), began publishing Botanical Magazine: or Flower-Garden Displayed “in response.. to solicitations for a work.. (combining) Botany and Gardening”, illustrating "the most ornamental foreign plants"... "thereby introducing them to gardeners", with botanical specimens from around the world and information for cultivation. This comprehensively illustrated work is still published today - now Kew Magazine - with digitally produced illustrations. 'Curtis' engravings and lithographs are today among the most collected antique prints, and provide a wonderful illustrated history of the evolving styles of print-making over the centuries.

This antique print is in fine condition, printed on thick paper, with accompanying text (which was printed on thinner paper).

Page size is 250 x 155mm (10 x 6.1/8 inches). 


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