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Prevost Male Liane of Chili, La Perouse engraving c1798

Prevost Male Liane of Chili, La Perouse engraving c1798

by Prevost, Antoine Francois (l'Abbe)

Male long-stemmed woody vine: Liane from Chile. Engraving c1798 (spelt Chili by La Perouse). (Previous image is of Female Liane.)

Original copperplate engraving by Heath from a drawing by Prevost Senior, for the 'Account of the Voyage of Jean-François Galaup-La Pérouse' (1785-1788), published in London circa 1798.  Guillaume Prevost was botanical artist on L'Astrolabe. He was known during the voyage as "the uncle". His 'very young' nephew Jean-Louis-Robert Prevost was illustrator aboard La Boussole.

Until his disappearance shortly after leaving the new British settlement at Botany Bay, La Perouse sent to Paris many reports, charts and drawings of the discoveries during his voyage. The 4-volume official publication of these in Paris in 1797 was entitled "The Voyage de La Pérouse Autour du Monde, Publié Conformément au Décret du 22 Avril 1791, et Rédige par M.L.A. Baron de Milet-Mureau". This "Account of the Voyage of La Perouse" was published in London circa 1798 by G.G. & J.Robinson of PaterNoster Row.

This original antique print has been beautifully hand-tinted with watercolour since publication. Size of Engraving: 15 x 10.5 inches or 38 x 27cm.

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