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William Curtis Bladder-Podded Alyssum Utriculatum, engraved c1790.

William Curtis Bladder-Podded Alyssum Utriculatum, engraved c1790.

by Edwards, Sydenham

Bladder-podded Alyssum, copperplate engraving by W.Darton & Co. after the drawing by Sydenham Edwards for William Curtis's The Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed published in London c1790. Original hand-coloured copperplate engraving of Alyysum from the eastern Mediterranean Levant.

Between 1788 and 1815, Welsh natural history artist Sydenham Teast Edwards (1768-1819), did most of the botanical illustrations for Curtis's Botanical Magazine - after William Curtis discovered his talents and contracted him to work for him in London.

In 1787 when he was Praefectus Hortis (Horticultural Manager) of Chelsea Physic Garden in London, William Curtis (1746-1799) began publication of The Botanical Magazine “in response.. to solicitations for a work... (combining) Botany and Gardening”. Illustrating botanical specimens from around the world, this publication has been published continuously for over 230 years. It is now known as The Kew Magazine. Illustrations for The Botanical Magazine have always been revered - for their scientific accuracy as well as their beauty.

This lovely antique botanical print is in fine condition. The accompanying text for this plate is also available. Size of page is approximately 240 x 140mm (9 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches).

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