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16th century Foxgloves woodcut Herbal page. Gerarde c1597..

16th century Foxgloves woodcut Herbal page. Gerarde c1597..

by Gerarde, John

16th century antique print of Foxgloves. Herbal page from John Gerarde's Herball c1597.  Digitalis Purpurea, Purple Fox-gloves. Digitalis alba, White Fox-gloves. Digitalis lutea, Yellow Fox-gloves. Digitalis ferruginea, Dusky Gox-gloves.

Original page printed from woodblocks for The Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes by John Gerarde, published in London c.1597 by John Norton (later hand-colour). Trained as a barber-surgeon, John Gerarde (1545-1612) was apprenticed for seven years before practising medicine - and eventually became warden of the Barber-Surgeon Company. Gerarde pursued an interest in horticulture and maintained a large garden in London - as well as working as superintendent of the gardens of William Cecil, Lord Burghley (1521-1598). Gerarde studied the writings of other botanists and his Herball (which became the most famous British Herball of the sixteenth century) contained over 1,000 plants from his own garden, although much of the content was translated from the work of Flemish botanist, Rembertus Dodoens.

Over 400 years ago when these woodblocks were carved, paper was an expensive commodity. Printed on thin hand-made paper, the heavily inked woodcuts and block printing of text often show through from the reverse side of the page which adds distinctive character to each image. (To minimilize this when framing, place black conservation paper behind the page.)

Size of page 33 x 20cm (13 x 8 inches).

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