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Keulemans Lobibyx Miles. (Masked Plover) Hand-coloured lithograph c1920.

Keulemans Lobibyx Miles. (Masked Plover) Hand-coloured lithograph c1920.

by Keulemans, John Gerrard

Lobibyx Miles, Australian Masked Plover, Keulemans antique print c1920.

Original hand-coloured lithograph by eminent Dutch bird illustrator and naturalist John Gerrard Keulemans (1842-1912) for for The Birds of Australia by G.M. Mathews. Published in London between 1910 and 1927, this lovely antique print is from one of last grand works to be illustrated with hand-coloured lithographs. Hand-coloured lithography was a skilled, labour-intensive and expensive printing process.

Gregory Macalister Mathews (1876-1949), was born in northern New South Wales and educated at Singleton Grammar and King's School, Paramatta. He was not a professional scientist but worked with and was guided by scientific experts both in Australia, and after retirement, in England. Dr Richard Bowdler Sharpe of the British Museum, who had worked with 'The Bird Man' John Gould, suggested Mathews prepare a standard guide to Australian birds, and guided Mathews in The Birds of Australia which took16 years to complete, with Mathews working up to 16 hours a day. From 1910 to 1923 he was greatly assisted by Tom Ireland, until Ireland left for Australia.

Gregory Mathews wrote several books on the birds of this region. He was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and was associated with scientific organizations around the world. He received many honours, including, in 1939, the Order of Commander of the British Empire, in recognition of his notable contribution to science. He presented his vast ornithological library to the Australian Commonwealth in 1939, and it is now housed in Canberra's National Library.

Page size is 335 x 240mm (13.1/4 x 9.1/2 inches).

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