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John Gould Australian White-quilled Rock Doves, Petrophassa albipennis c1848.

John Gould Australian White-quilled Rock Doves, Petrophassa albipennis c1848.

by Gould, John

John Gould Australian Doves lithograph for Birds of Australia circa 1840-1848. Original hand-coloured lithograph by John Gould and Henry Constantine Richter for John Gould's “Birds of Australia ”. Published in London between 1840 and 1848, these are the finest illustrations ever done of Australian Birds.

John Gould (1804-1881) was a brilliant ornithologist who devoted his life to the study of birds. He had a fine eye for detail, employed the best lithographers, and closely monitored their work. Also an astute business man, Gould obtained subscribers before commencing each of his grand publications that were illustrated with large and beautiful hand-coloured bird lithographs.

While most people have heard of John Gould (perhaps from the Gould League of Bird Lovers at school), many do not know of the important contribution made by his artist wife Elizabeth (Coxen) Gould (1804-1841), who learnt lithography from great bird artist Edward Lear. Elizabeth came to Australia with her husband, and remained with two of their children in Tasmania, where she composed many of the drawings for the hundreds of lithographs that would be done on their return to London. She herself completed nearly 600 lithographs. Elizabeth Gould died at the age of 37, following the birth of their eighth child after their return to England.

In good condition, this is a beautiful lithograph. The digital photo does not do it justice. The size of the page is as issued, 535 mm x 370 mm (21 inches x 14.5 inches).

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