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Extinct Dodo of Mauritius, with one-horned Ram. c1878

Extinct Dodo of Mauritius, with one-horned Ram. c1878


by M. & N. Hanhart

Antique print of Dodos, Ram, and a Hen. This antique extinct bird print is rare and memorable.

'Dronte Alijs Dod-Aers' and 'A Hen' was first published within text, in Melchisedec Thevenot's1672 updated edition of Relations de Divers Voyages Curieux (Accounts of Various Curious Voyages) - as being the Dodo that Dutchman, Willem Ysbrandtszoon Bontekoe claimed to have seen on RĂ©union Island. While the curious depiction of the Dodo is rather wonderful, the single-horned ram is truly 'special' - and undoubtedly a curiosity to be treasured. I have on reliable authority ("Thank you, Carl Jones", that 'A Hen' is the Red Rail of Mauritius that became extinct in the late 17th century.

Charming early copperplate engraving reprinted by zinc lithography by M. & N. Hanhart lithographers and printers. Michael and Nicholas Hanhart were a firm who published fine lithographs in London between 1839 and 1882. This antique print of extinct fauna would look great hanging together with the 12 extinct birds friom the same region in the following item. They would have been suitable text embelllishment for Ornithological Miscellany by George Dawson Rowley - published in London between 1875 and 1878.

In fair condition, with slight soiling, the page measures 245 x 315mm (9 5/8 x 12 3/8 inches). The rectangular border of main image measures approximately 10 x 16mm (4 x 6 3/8 inches).


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